Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have never been a great story teller, but i feel i must share this adventurous story which happened to a very naughty boy who is a good friend of mine. Now, this boy's name was Robin and he has a little sister Suzy. Robin is the naughtiest little kid that I have ever known. Well, it so happened that one day Father, Mother, Robin and Suzy were going to visit the children's grand mother who lived in a beautiful city. Grandma made the most delicious cakes and cookies and adored her grand children. So Robin and Suzy were looking forward to their visit. Grandma lived a few hours drive away from the city in which Robin lived. So they started early in the morning in their family car.

The day was bright and sunny but very very windy. Father was driving at a very high speed and since the windows were rolled down, everybody's hair was flying all over the place and Mother's scarf flew out of the window. As there was so much wind, Father told everyone to roll-up their windows. Now, everybody did so, except naughty Robin, who did not completely roll-up the window but left just a little gap open.
The car went on speeding on the road and slowly the air filled in the car through the little crack left open by Robin. Gradually the car was so full of wind that it made the car rise above the road. At first no one noticed. But all of a sudden Suzy pointed out that the birds were flying parallel to the car. Everybody looked out of their windows and saw that they were actually very high up in the air, higher than the trees and flying amongst the birds. For a moment every one panicked and could not decide what they should do.

Father applied brakes but the car remained suspended in the air. Suddenly one sparrow entered through Robin's window and reproachfully told them that they should not be flying in the air as they were scaring all the birds. At which Father said that he had no clue how to bring the car down back on the road. (this happens quite rarely, isn't it, when Father admits to not knowing a thing :O) ) .

Anyways, the sparrow flew out and and called on to her friends and family members to see if anyone could suggest how to get the car back on ground.They decided that all the birds would sit on the roof of the car and maybe by their weight they would be able to push it down. So all the birds sat on the roof of the car and pushed down, but alas they were not able to budge the car. Every one got very worried and thought hard for better ideas. Suddenly one of the parrots Mr. Green, had a thought. He flew to the huge tree where the wise old owl Mr. Brown lived. He was the wisest of all the birds and many a times his help was sought in times of crisis like these. Mr. Greeny looked through the window of Mr. Brown's house. As expected Mr. Brown was sleeping. Mr. Greeny tapped on the window and Mr. Brown woke up grumbling to himself. It must be known that in spite of being very intelligent and wise, he was a little arrogant and grumbled if anyone disturbed his slumber. But without wasting any time Mr. Greeny quickly narrated the story and begged Mr. Brown for help. Mr. Brown flew to the car with Mr. Greeny and sat down at the bonnet trying to think of a solution. It came to him suddenly!! He told the family to gently and very slowly roll down the windows. As the windows opened slowly, the naughty wind escaped bit by bit and the car started descending. As they slowly glided down, Robin as expected lost his patience and towards the end quickly rolled down the remaining window and the car landed on the road with a bump.

Suddenly Robin opened his eyes and saw that they had reached Grandma's house. Was it a dream ??? He got up confused and excited and rushed to meet Grandma to narrate the entire incident.Everyone had a good laugh over a lovely tea of freshly baked cakes and cookies.

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