Thursday, January 20, 2011


Have you ever wondered why we have bad hair days? Well, I will tell you a story about the fight between the wind and hair which might explain things a bit. There was this small town once, where everyone had beautiful hair. Nice, shiny, long and straight, which rippled and shimmered in the wind and sunlight. The only problem was that these people were a so proud about their beautiful hair that they kept teasing the wind about it. They said that the wind was totally insignificant. It was created just so that it moved and made their hair ripple and look even prettier. The wind did not have any beauty of its own. It was plain and invisible and when it moved it got noticed just because the beautiful hair moved. The people teased and teased the wind, until the wind developed a huge inferiority complex and went away from the town to sulk in the woods. She spent quite some time flying about in the woods, feeling sorry for herself. But soon the trees became her friends as the leaves of the trees really enjoyed dancing with her. One day the wind told her woe to the trees and the trees decided to help her. The leaves rippled and passed the message from one tree to another until it reached the oldest and the wisest tree in the woods – The Old Banyan Tree. When the old banyan tree heard the wind’s sad story he summoned her and gave her a very nice idea to teach the hair a lesson.

Next morning the wind went back to the town to see how the hairs were doing. As soon as she arrived the hair of the people out for their work started jeering at her, making fun of her that they knew she’d be back as there was no other way that she would make her presence felt except by making the hair look beautiful. At this the wind said yes, I have come for the hair only. And then she started blowing gently at first, that the hair enjoyed it. But then it blew so hard that the hair got entangled badly and stood on their ends beaten by the wind screaming for her to stop. After that the people of the town with beautiful hairs always had bad hair days every time the hair went back to their pompous ways and started teasing the wind.

So whenever the wind is blowing too hard and messing up your hair, you’ll know that it’s happening because the hair was getting pompous about its beauty. Tame them.

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