Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random. Happy.

It is after a long time that I am in that state where I cannot wait to get home back to the book I am reading. I have started and left so many books in the past few weeks. As a personal rule I never force myself to complete a book. If it is not working for me I let it go. I might keep trying in future but I don’t believe in trudging through books.

So what is with this book about that I started a couple of days ago. Magic!! After ages I am reading a book on witches and wizards and the fantastic. And truth be told, that has been my favourite genre ever since I started reading. I do take breaks in between to grow old or older; to read some serious stuff (though I must let you know that I consider magic also pretty serious stuff); to try and understand the worlds of Camus and Kafka; to get inspired by Ayn Rand; to get lost in the beautiful, ornate, sentences of Salman Rushdie; to get moved by a striped pajamas clad boy or the little girl who steals books. And then I realize I need another break, to go back to my first love – the chimerical world of enchantment, magic, spells and very human magical people.

Fantastic is the world where I survive, where I breathe and feel free. The world where different lands arrive at branch ends of an old old tree, where characters jump out of books and people jump into books, where an antique bed makes you travel time. Oh the world of wonders!!

Sometimes there is an occasional raised eyebrow at the fact that even now I tend to incline greatly towards the sparkling magical world. But let me tell you a secret!! This inclination so great that I find myself tumbling, rolling, sliding, whizzing into it!! And I love it!!