Friday, December 28, 2012

Open Letter to the PM of India

Subject: I am willing to give you a chance.


India has seen innumerable cases of inhuman behavior towards women. Rapes, gang-rapes, feticide, wife-beating… the list is long and painful. Also painful is the fact that none of these crimes are not specific to the age of the women or a factor of their beauty or attire. In this country a woman can be raped while she is on the hospital bed, a woman can be raped when she is just 3 years old and not yet a woman, an old woman can be raped. A woman can be violated by one or many in turns. Can be raped using not just their “manhood” , but rods or whatever might catch the miscreants fancy.

While we are all talking about it, shaking our heads and getting worked up with impotent rage across the nation, we know in our hearts of heart that there is very little that will happen.
And that Mr. PM is a sad mirror to you and our society.

Agreed, that the real change will be when there is a major shift in the mindsets of people, which will take eons. Sad but true.

Right now, I request only one thing from you. Let us take this as the starting point and set an example.

Let us punish the perpetrators of these heinous crimes in the most appropriate way so that no man will have the guts to even think that such an act – individual or in group will go without bitter consequences.

Even as the nation’s people are facing the capital’s chilly weather, the police’s lathi charges, tear gas attacks. Even when thousands are raising their voices through peaceful protests, candle marches, social media. These crimes continue to happen.
Within this very week there has been at least one piece of news every day of someone getting raped in some part of the country. Even a 3 year old baby.

Believe me when I say we do not care under what party government these issues are happening. It is NOT a political war, please do not make it so. These crimes happen in our country 24*7 be it a BJP govt, a Congress government or a coalition government.

We do not care about what party is in power. We ONLY want quick and assured results so we know that the people in power – be it politics, police force, judiciary – care for its’ citizens irrespective of their votes, gender, caste, creed, social status. That is what your real job is.

There is a saying “der se aaye, durust aaye.” You start taking action now and we shall be willing to not rant about the past once we are assured that the present and the future crimes will be dealt with the deserved severity.

They also say “prevention is better than cure”, as some people unbelievably questioned why the girl was out so late at night. Please let me assure you – prevention is not women hiding themselves in their homes before sunset, girls getting locked up in hostels after 6:30 pm, women not using the public transport in the evening and covering each and every bit of their skin. Let me assure you Mr. PM these measures do not stop rape.

True prevention will be educating the men in this country that there is a certain respect that they need to have for the other sex. Educating the women in India who pine for having sons and then turn them into spoilt, disrespecting, pathetic  fools who are SURE that they can get away with anything and that the women are just their “pair ki jutti”.

This very “jutti” is what these men need to be slapped with. Please do not make this a political agenda – it is not. Please do not try to shove the women in their houses – because that will not solve anything and don’t forget men even rape their nieces, daughters, sisters. Please do not try to shift focus of the real agenda of the protests to the fact that some miscreants caused unrest and violence in it.


There is no dearth of evidence, motive for this case. This is a clear case. Please show some result that will help us restore our faith in you, the men, the country.

Otherwise I do not think this system deserves our respect and votes. In fact then this country does not deserve us.

I don’t know what we will do. Take to arms, take law in our own hands? You will leave us with very little option but to fight our own battle in whatever way we can.

Please take this as the first step towards real progress and prove to us that you are there not just a designation.


Monday, December 3, 2012

I am sorry I broke a home.

They were a young couple. Madly in love with each other or so they thought. They had just started building their brand new home. A cozy little abode enough for two, in a serene quiet corner. It was a carefully selected plot, away from the jarring noise of the outside world. Sheltered and cozy.

Bit by bit they added to their haven. Every day they reminded each other of the blissful life they would enjoy once their efforts brought fruit. They were already dreaming of adding to their family.

They were happy.

And then I came along. I saw what they were doing. I watched them in their joint endeavor towards a love filled abode. I was jealous. They were making their home on the foundation of a relationship that had just started budding for me. The relationship which I dreamed of nurturing and cherishing for a long time.

I did what I had to do. With my own bare hands I broke their beautiful home. I smashed it and threw away the smithereens. My unfeeling heart cold as stone. I wanted my relationship back.

And I got it back. I saved it at the cost of their home.

And now I watch them, the beautiful pair of pigeons, frantically looking for what was once their home - the money-plant pot in my balcony. They look back at me with sad eyes.

I am full of remorse.

Forgive me, I broke your home.