Saturday, June 25, 2011


Do you recognise me?
I am a different me from yesterday.
I changed a little over last night,
And a little while you were away.

Oh, I still sleep with a book in my hand.
But changed are the books I hold.
I pour my thoughts in the same diary,
But have new secrets in it's folds.

My love for you has changed too.
Grown in some ways, and lessened in some.
I still have two left feet,
But a different tune now I hum.

Do not be scared, I pray
Of the changes you see in me.
Every moment I change a little.
And the same in you I see.

Friday, June 17, 2011


It was unbelievable. Amazing. Fantastic.

The colours! All of them. Red, blue, green, yellow, pink.. In beautiful swirls.

And it tasted heavenly. Sweet. Never ending. However much you lick! Even if you took a sumptuous bite, immediately the missing part would reappear and the lollipop would be a whole again. Lovely!

Amy could not believe her luck. Here she was walking around, starving, looking in bins and cans for something to eat. When she came upon this innocent looking lollipop, lying there, peacefully. In its wrapper too! Now she would never be hungry. Yeah! Might get a bad stomach ache or rotten teeth. But never hungry again.

Blissfully happy. Skipping away she started back to her little home in a big pipe. She should have not closed her eyes in ecstasy! She tripped.

She gazed at the dark clouds above from the hole in the pipe. She sighed! Will have to go hungry again tonight. She could almost still taste the lollipop.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


And she saw her world crumble
down in the dust
Her sanity taking a tumble
her resolve almost burst.

No she does not gather
the shards of her broken I
She knows now she would rather
set them free and let them fly.

To spread where ever they would
The bits and pieces of ONE
For people to make whatever they could
of the strangest one under the Sun.