Saturday, January 11, 2014


She walked out in her purple pyjamas. The one with little clouds printed on it.They were her favourite pair. She walked towards the living room where her parents watched TV and had coffee before turning in for the night.

But she did not find them there.

She liked sitting by the living room door and listen to the gentle din of the TV and the soft voices of her Mamma and Papa sharing jokes and incidents that happened during the day. It made her feel safe and warm. Content she would go back and snuggle into her own bed smiling.

But tonight was different.The din was absent and it made the room chilly. The coffee mugs were lying on the table untouched. A cold silence had over taken the room

She was suddenly scared. Slowly she ventured out. Desperately hoping that Mamma would catch sight of her and gently scold her for being out past her bed time.

She heard no one. No one called her into her arms.She wondered what had gone wrong. It had been just like any other night. And she was in her own soft purple pyjamas that she loved so much.

Or was she?

She looked down in horror. Her pyjamas were not purple and there were no clouds on it. She was wearing these bland plain pink ones. With a little logo on the pocket. “Some home” it said but she couldn't really read it well.

Startled she woke up in the bed. A cold hard metal bed. And remembered, the crash that took her parents away.

Every night she had the same dream.