Thursday, January 20, 2011


Robin and Suzy were having a really wonderful time at Grandma's house. It was a beautiful house with large gardens and a backyard which opened to a huge field. There were big green trees all around and the green fields danced in the wind like ballerinas in green dresses.

Now Robin was the naughtiest boy you would ever one across. He would torment Grandma's tomcat Billi, by tying his tail to the chair. He would make little Suzy cry by making horrible faces at her... And he just couldn't help breaking everything around him. One morning, Grandma got really tired of his antics and told him to go outside to play. So Robin and Suzy took their ball and went off to the fields to play catch.

Robin being Robin, just to trouble Suzy he threw the ball really high so that she couldn't catch it. Now, the ball got lost in the filed. Both Robin and Suzy started frantically looking for it. Suddenly they spotted it amongst the plants. Gladly Robin reached for the ball, when his eyes fell on something small moving next to the ball. They looked carefully and saw that it was a tiny baby bird. It appeared that the poor thing was knocked out of its nest by the ball and now was in pain as it could not fly up to the nest.

So, Robin and Suzy decided to help the little bird. Robin rushed home to get something to help the bird with, whilst Suzy watched over the little bird with care. Robin came back with a balloon with a little ice cream cup attached to its string. Suzy gently placed the baby bird in the ice cream cup and they bit by bit released the string of the balloon. The balloon went higher and higher taking the baby bird with it. When the cup was at level with the bird's nest, the baby bird jumped out of the cup into its nest.

The mother bird was so happy to see the little baby back that she sang a thank you song for the children.

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