Friday, April 24, 2015

Attack of the de-clutter bug - epic fail.

While I did manage to make my house clutter free to a very large extent - which was also hastened due to two important facts:
1. Visit of the in-laws
2. Shifting to a new house.

So armed with these two motivational weapons I managed to throw out/ donate/ clean a lot of stuff in my house. But as I often do - start things and leave them incomplete - this blog suffered.

Hence, the epic fail.

But I have decided once again to finish (try and finish) things that I start. Therefore even if this blog is LATE this blog series need an an end.

Here goes quickly..

Hail de-clutter fairies
Started with sprinkling magic dust on the linen closet
Spread it over wardrobes and bookshelves
(loathe I was to let some clothes go)

Attacked the kitchen
Failed miserably

Praise the packers and movers people who without complain wrapped and packed and shifted and unpacked all my stuff successfully.


So now I am in my new house for the past year. One would think that this one is finally clutter free.

Bah ha ha ha ha!!

Bah ha ha ha ha!!

Bah ha ha ha ha!!

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