Sunday, May 18, 2014

Attack of the de-clutter bug...

I think myself to be a neat person. Friends often make fun of my OCDish ways. I like things to be replaced where they belong. I like the house feeling fresh and nice. It is nice when table tops, book shelves, glass surfaces dust free.

But I must admit doing it yourself when you are sharing a flat with friends and are responsible for just your little room it is so much easier. My hostel room, my room in the shared flat were always spic and span. I could say my OCDish habits were successful there.

Unfortunately a whole flat is a different ball-game. With long work hours, and just the weekend to cram all the chores and entertainment and relaxation into, keeping the house clean is maddeningly hard!

More often than not I end up stuffing everything extra into cupboards and running through the surfaces with a duster. So at least the outside looks pretty alright but the stuffed and cluttered cupboards stay firmly in my head taunting !! And every time I open a cupboard I am faced with mountains of clutter which is screaming for attention.. Demanding to be sorted and de-cluttered.


Terrified, though I am, of the magnitude (for me) of what I am going to state right now.. I have decided to give it a shot.

I am going to spend the coming 2 weeks DE-CLUTTERING & ORGANISING.

It is a humongous task for someone like me who is prone to stress about cleanliness at the drop of a broom (pun intended).

To make sure I carry out my resolve in a systematic fashion which will not drive me insane I need to start small and slow.

The first thing to do is make a list. The steps I am going to take for this endeavour and then attack each item one by one.

For my list I am going to refer to one of my favourite apps :D Pinterest. I love Pinterest and this will be an interesting way to actually use it.

Aim - Come up with a comprehensive list by Monday.

Target - Declutter house, throw/donate stuff not used, old, useless.

So help me De-clutter fairy!!!  :)

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