Thursday, February 16, 2012


There you are peeping
From behind the speakers
What are you looking for?
Did the music bother you
Should I play something else
Something maybe more peppy?

Or something soft and soothing
Like a lullaby
And you can go back to slumber
From which I’m afraid I disturbed you.

Maybe you mother is anxious
And looking for you on some other desks
She too peeping
From behind the jungle of laptops and speakers

Are you not scared?
Here on this desk all alone
A little thing
Next to my booming speakers

Go home Lizzy
To where you belong
And in your lizard world
Maybe you can make your own song!


  1. i hate lizards, but i think the lizzy that this piece creates in my head, is wonderfull!! :) i cant hate her even if i want to! :D

  2. Thank you AB! :) I am sure Lizzy will be happy to hear this!!!

  3. Nice one Geets :) Lizzy makes for an adorable lizard..